The Pepito’s show fucking rocked!

You know, at first we were a bit apprehensive about performing at the Pepito’s restaurant. The evening was intended to be a celebration for our friends Austin and Spike who just graduated high school so we weren’t too sure what type of crowd we would be playing for but I have to admit that it was one of our best nights. Besides the fact that the microphones were shocking the shit out of my lips and that every band there was probably too loud for that venue, the night was a huge success!

If you were there at that show, thank you for being part of such a great audience. Thank you to Maria Schmidt for inviting us to perform and thank you to the other performers of the night, Shot In The Dark, Almost Anywhere and Hoity Toity. Special thanks to Pepito’s for being such gracious hosts and helping us fix the microphone issue. Thanks to Ty Schmidt and Mike DeShong for helping us run sound, and thank you to Jackie & Jessica Perry for kickin’ it with us ’till the end of the show.

Super fun night. Looking forward to another. Congratulations Austin and Spike, now get a job!